Ferny Glen

100 x 60cm oils on leaf on canvas



Patrick Walshe is an Irish artist who lives in rural County Wicklow, but in the course of a long career he has lived and exhibited in Dublin, New York and Los Angeles and has also had exhibitions in places as diverse as Chicago and Abu Dhabi. He mainly paints in oils on a silver leaf ground which he says brings an extra layer of light, transparency and parallax. His style varies from a celebration of light, colour and realism in the countryside around his studio, to a much more abstract and emotional response to the same forests, lakes, mountain trails and valleys. Weather and light, wind, rain, dawn sunlight, the colour of the seasons are all joyful to the soul.

Delighted to welcome you to this website catalog which covers a lifetime of visual explorations.



In a Quiet Place (Castlekevin wood)

oils on canvas 70 x 100cm

14 Nocturnes

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Thirteen Moons - Meauring a Year in Trees

A Celtic Tree Cycle on paper

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a journey of healing


Walking Kirikee. part 1 of a triptych

51 x 35.5cm oils on leaf on canvas